Case Interview and Strategic Preparation for Consulting Interviews in the Public Sector

Consulting and working in the government and nonprofit sectors takes a different mindset than private sector, a thorough understanding of the stakeholders, and a focus on mission and impact. Government and nonprofits’ scope is vast spanning such far-reaching industries as military, law enforcement, infrastructure (internet, telecommunications, transportation, public roads, bridges, and tunnels, electrical grids), public education, and healthcare (to name a few). Every day we take advantage of these services and in a rapidly changing world there is a greater demand for these services to be provided faster, cheaper, or better.

Consultants and employees in this industry need to balance being stewards of taxpayers’ and donors’ dollars with the mission and maximizing impact. They have to consider a number of stakeholders and a broad range of risks and opportunities. They also need to consider partnerships and how to prioritize their limited budgets and resources.

This website offers consolidated information to prepare you for government and nonprofit consulting, case interviews, and will help you differentiate yourself for consulting in the government and nonprofit industries.

CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit
What Are Interviewers Looking for In A Case Interview

What Are Interviewers Looking for In A Case Interview?

Consulting, and increasingly many other professions, are using the case interview to evaluate candidates’ ability to logically…

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