Case Interview and Strategic Preparation for Consulting Interviews in the Public Sector

Consulting and working in the government and nonprofit sectors takes a different mindset than private sector, a thorough understanding of the stakeholders, and a focus on mission and impact. Government and nonprofits’ scope is vast spanning such far-reaching industries as military, law enforcement, infrastructure (internet, telecommunications, transportation, public roads, bridges, and tunnels, electrical grids), public education, and healthcare (to name a few). Every day we take advantage of these services and in a rapidly changing world there is a greater demand for these services to be provided faster, cheaper, or better.

Consultants and employees in this industry need to balance being stewards of taxpayers’ and donors’ dollars with the mission and maximizing impact. They have to consider a number of stakeholders and a broad range of risks and opportunities. They also need to consider partnerships and how to prioritize their limited budgets and resources.

This website offers consolidated information to prepare you for government and nonprofit consulting, case interviews, and will help you differentiate yourself for consulting in the government and nonprofit industries.

CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit

Career Change

I started the process of doing a career change into public sector consulting - I am really glad I got this book!  It's been extremely helpful with re-writing my resume.

J. A.

A One of a Kind Case Prep Book!

CASE IN POINT: Government and Nonprofit is a one of a kind interview prep book.  There is no other book on the market that focuses exclusively on how to prepare for public and nonprofit sector case interviews.  Cosentino and Piekara have teamed to provide a superb resource that will not only help candidates prepare to interview, but will practically guarantee that they will outshine the other candidates who have not used this resource.  The book provides interview tips, frameworks, and mot than 20 sample cases covering everything from Strategy & Operations, to Human Capital and Information Technology.  Also, of note, this book will provide insights to anyone considering a career in the government or nonprofit sectors.  If you are in those sectors, or aspire to be, this book is a must add for your professional development book shelf.


Worth double the price

Great distillation of key principles and fundamentals - have looked and haven't been able to find a resource as comprehensive as this guy.  


CASE IN POINT:  Government and Nonprofit is a MUST READ!!!

For anyone interested in the public and nonprofit sector this is an absolute must read.  A methodically laid out and easy to read guide on how to prepare and navigate through case interviews.  An invaluable tool, especially for any your professional....  GO READ IT NOW!!!


Regardless of which side of the desk you're sitting, prepare for interviews by reading this book.

If only this book had been available as a resource when I applied for a position as a consultant in healthcare, I might have advanced to the next round of interviews.  I was especially clueless about the "cultural fit" aspect.  The case takeaways serve as reminders of how to strengthen responses.


THE book to read on government and nonprofit consulting!

Government and Nonprofit is the definitive resource for those looking to enter the government and nonprofit consulting space.  It provides insider insights from an industry professional and recruiter who has been on both sides of the interview table.  This guide provides useful tips including how to consider various stakeholders in the industry an the impact that they could have on your project, what interviewers look for when interviewing candidates both from a cultural and technical standpoint, and also how to ace the government and nonprofit case!  The sample cases and practice cases were excellent resources and helped shape my understanding of the industry and enabled me to prepare for government and nonprofit consulting.  This a much needed resource and one that fills a huge void in the consulting industry!

Keith Washington DC

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