About Marc and Evan

Marc and Evan first met nearly a decade ago when Evan was an MBA student going through Marc’s heralded case certification program. As someone interested in the government and nonprofit industries, Evan began taking Marc’s principles, applying them, and adapting them to his experiences as a candidate, recruiter, and government and nonprofit consultant. Both are passionate about helping candidates prepare, reach their potential, and become more effective consultants and both deliver workshops to help the industry and candidates utilize insights to differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional results.

Marc Cosentino

Marc, the world's foremost authority on case interviewing has twenty seven years of experience with case questions. He has written well over a hundred cases, while coaching, preparing and training more than a hundred and fifty thousand students and alumni. He has written three books involving cases and consulting. Cosentino has given workshops to students at colleges and MBA programs for the last twenty seven years and has held training sessions for career services professionals on how to give cases and how to analyze a student's performance.

The firm also works with Fortune 500 companies to help train their Ph.D.s how to think like business people.

Cosentino is the president of CaseQuestions.com and the former Associate Director of Career Services at Harvard for 18 years. Marc is a graduate of Harvard's Kennedy School, Harvard's Program on Negotiation and the University of Denver.

Marc Cosentino
Ean Piekara

Evan Piekara

With over twelve years of experience consulting and working in the government and nonprofit sectors. Evan started his nonprofit career as a member of Teach For America (TFA), where he served as a teacher, volunteer, and in operational support and training roles for the organization. He has supported BDO Public Sector in the launch of their management consulting practice and has provided strategy and operations, human capital, and information technology support to government and nonprofit clients. At BDO Public Sector, Evan led efforts building internal practice recruiting processes including interview questions, cases, and candidate evaluation criteria and developed their Graduate Advisor internship program.

Piekara holds a range of professional certifications that have strengthened expertise in change management, conflict resolution, cyber security, lean six sigma, project management, and total quality management. He has presented on a number of topics including change management, conflict resolution, and performance measurement and evaluation and developed and delivered workshops on government and nonprofit cases. He has served in leadership roles on nonprofit boards and leveraged his experience to help these boards address complex challenges.